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about us

Des Artists is more than a platform - we are a community of passionate creators. “Des”, which in french stands for “Of the”, translates it to an organization OF THE ARTISTS, because unlike most art-based platforms, DesArtists is founded by artists for artists. Having made our place in the industry after decades of work, we understand the journey, the challenges, the passion, and the dedication it takes to choosing an Artist's life.

Join our dynamic community where creativity thrives, art knows no boundaries, and your artistic journey finds genuine expression.

our vision

At Des Artists, our vision is to cultivate an ecosystem where artistic aspirations take flight. We aspire to build a bridge between artists and art lovers, fostering a deeper appreciation for creativity in society.

Our mission is clear: to cultivate a supportive environment for artists and art enthusiasts. We're committed to nurturing talent, providing opportunities, and celebrating creativity in all its forms. Through our national art competitions, we aim to shine a spotlight on outstanding talent, offering exposure, recognition, and valuable prizes.

Through our platform, we aim to:

Empower emerging artists by offering exposure and opportunities to showcase their work.
Establish connections between seasoned artists and budding talents, fostering a mentorship network that fuels growth.
Celebrate diversity in art by embracing various styles, techniques, and narratives.
Inspire art enthusiasts to explore, appreciate, and collect diverse artworks that resonate with their souls.
Provide a platform for both offline and online art workshops.

If you are an art teacher looking to provide online classes or offline workshops in any of the Indian metropolitan cities, register your email & details with us to stay informed about any exciting opportunities!




Competition Highlights:

Des Artists proudly announces the first edition of "Soulflow Art Narratives," our national art competition. This unique competition aims to reveal untold stories, emotions, and perspectives hidden within the artist's imagination.

Click here for submission guidelines, important dates, and let your creativity flow in this enriching artistic journey together!


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If you are an art teacher looking to provide online classes or offline workshops in any of the Indian metropolitan cities, register your email & details with us to stay informed about any exciting opportunities!

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  • Artwork submission closes on April 4th, 2024 at 11:59PM. Any late submissions will be automatically  invalid. 
  • Participants must be 16 years of age or above. 
  • Artworks must be up to or smaller than  30” x 30” x 5” (including any frame), but not be smaller than 10” x 10”
  • Entry must be sent through an email to info@desartists.com
  • Submit Only ONE artwork in an email. Title & explain each piece in under 30 words. Subject line must clearly state “ART SUBMISSION (ARTIST’S NAME)”. 


  • Each artwork will be judged as a separate entry.
  • The submission fee for each artwork is Rs. 499. One artist can only submit a maximum of 3 artworks, not more.
  • All mediums welcome, BUT any unoriginal, copied, digital, AI- made or digitally enhanced artworks are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Ensure images match your actual artworks. Top 25 artists need to send physical artworks if selected; discrepancies lead to disqualification.
  • Top 50 Artists’ list, in rank order, will be displayed on the website.


  • The Winner will receive a Cash Prize of Rs. 20,000/- and Des Artists will publish their interview on its website blog.
  • 1st Runner up will receive a Cash Prize of Rs. 10,000/-
  • Top 10 winners receive Amazon coupons worth Rs 1000/- for art supplies.
  • Top 25 Artists will get a chance to exhibit physical artworks for NO CHARGE in a Delhi-based gallery, with a real possibility to sell their artworks.
  • Top 50 Artists to receive a digital Merit Certificate of Excellence in Art.


  • Exhibition dates & venue revealed with the Top 25 announcement. The exhibit in Delhi/NCR will occur within 30 days of selection.
  • Receive a physical Exhibition Agreement & Top 25 Certificate by mail, sign and return the original document. Participation in the exhibit is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Suggest using lightweight, black, minimalistic frames for safety during transportation. Set a competitive price for your artwork.
  • Artists bear handling & transportation costs. Artworks must arrive 48-24 hours before the exhibit and be collected the same day, post-exhibit. Des Artists doesn’t bear responsibility for poorly arrived parcels. We will however, take good care of the paintings once they reach us alright until they are either handed back to you or sent to the buyer.
  • You can also authorize a representative to collect them on your behalf and share their details in a separate email titled “AUTHORIZING REPRESENTATION”, in such a case no additional fee is to be paid.


  • You will be contacted over a call within an hour of closing the Exhibit if your Artwork receives any buyer’s interest. In such a case, we will safe-keep the particular painting until the query is resolved by closure or sales. In case of closure, we will send it back to you at our own expense.
  • We would love to represent you because we already believe in you & your work. You, ofcourse, will hold ALL the copyrights of your artwork.
  • As opposed to the hefty 30% – 60% sales commission fee charged by most galleries, the gallery will charge only 20% sales commission fee over the sale of any of your Artworks displayed during the exhibit, along with paperwork.